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Terapia en Inglés – English Therapy

What is English therapy?
English Therapy is therapeutic support for every person who is living in Zaragoza or around and needs to talk and began a therapeutic process.
English therapy is based on the same principles and techniques as psychological therapy. The only difference is the language we use during the process. The psychologist who attends you is trained to talk in English and conduct the therapy into successful results.

Who persons can benefit from English therapy?

If you talk better English than Spanish and you have been noticed some psychological problems in the latest period, you can benefit from English therapy, so you can contact us and we will explain to you how we can start your psychotherapeutic process.

How do we do it?

First, we need to explore your problem and necessity. We also sign a confidential form to guarantying your privacy.

Secondly, we would establish a therapeutic plan with goals and tasks for achieving the aims according to your psychological problem.

Finally, we work together based on evidence techniques and tools for improving your psychological problem.

terapia psicologia ingles zaragoza - Terapia en inglés

Terapia en inglés
Terapias psicológicas en Vitae Zaragoza

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